Regard Contact Lens Solution 355ml

Regard Contact Lens Solution 355ml
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Brand:  Regard

Regard Contact Lens Solution 355ml

- Preservative Free - Peroxide Free Contact Lens Solution

- No Neutralisation Required!

Disinfects and cleans like a multi-purpose solution, but unlike others, doesn't have preservatives.

Provides the same level of disinfection as a 3% peroxide system.

Contains Pluronic F-68 a tensio-active surfactant cleaner, which ensures the lenses are maintained in pristine condition.

Helps reduce the build-up of protein deposits -the solution has an overall negative ionic charge, which attracts the positively charged protein molecules away from the lens surface.

Contains Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, a comfort drop, which can be used to rewet lenses at any time.

NO Peroxide bleach...So safe and gentle it can be poured directly into the eye!

  • Multipurpose Solution - use for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting contact lenses
  • Preservative Free - reduces risk of irritation or allergy to the solution
  • Also removes the bacterial biofilm in contact lens cases - a hidden source of eye infection
  • Provides the same level of disinfection as a 3% hydrogen peroxide but is much safer - no separate neutralising is required
  • Removes protein
  • Contains a moisturising agent to increase comfort and reduce dryness

Once opened, a bottle of Regard remains usable for 90 days and lenses can be stored for up to 30 days before requiring further disinfection.

Expiry Date Nov 2019
Pack Size 1 x 355ml
Preservative Free Yes
Lens Type Suitability Soft
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