Complex Contact Lenses

Complex (also referred to as specialist) contact lenses are lenses that are made to fit irregular corneas or very high prescriptions.

They are usually indicated for corneas that are irregular due to:

We fit and supply all types of contact lenses for the above conditions. Our lens selection includes:

  • Small diameter Rigid Gas Permeable
  • Corneo scleral lenses
  • Mini Sclerals
  • Sclerals
  • Hybrid (soft and hard lens combo)
  • Soft Keratoconic

Lens Fitting

To get a good lens fit we map your eyes using the Medmont Corneal Topographer, which precisely shows the shape of the surface of the cornea.

Medmont Corneal Topographer

We also use Anterior Segment OCT imaging to check final lens fit and dynamics of the lens on the eye itself.

Anterior Segment OCT imaging

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