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Explore our range of leading brand eye care products including soothing drops, medical treatments, masks, glasses and washes.

Need a Specialist Eye Examination?

We provide expert assessment and treatment of eye conditions including: Glaucoma  •  Macular Degeneration  •  Dry Eye Syndrome  •  Blepharitis  •  Red Eyes  •  Flashes & Floaters  •  and many more.

We use the latest technology to fit and supply complex and specialist contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas or very high prescriptions.

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Our retinal screening service is for anybody who has concerns about the health of their retina and macula. We can examine for many conditions.

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We can provide an in-depth assessment of eyes that feel dry, watery, gritty or itchy, and offer a number of different treatment options.

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Glaucoma Management

If you have a family history, or have been told previously that you have some suspicious signs and require closer monitoring, then our Glaucoma Screening examination is for you.

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