Dry & Watery Eye Assessment

This is for those who suffer any of the following:


The in-depth assessment evaluates the type and severity of Dry Eye Syndrome using a combination of the following:

Tear Analyser

Tear film analysis using the Medmont Tear Analyser

Provides valuable data on the Quality of the Tear Film Surface. With video capture and playback it allows you to see the dynamics of the Tear Film Surface. Itís valuable for both initial diagnosis and for monitoring the effects of treatment.



Infrared light is used to image the Meibomian Glands in the eye lids. These glands produce oil for the tear film. Examination using this technique gives information on the structure of the glands and can show if damage to them has taken place.

Slit Lamp Image Capture

Slit Lamp Image Capture

To examine your eyes in high magnification we use an instrument which has an integrated camera and video. The Haag Streit video slit lamp allows the condition of your eyes to be accurately recorded. We review these images with you to show and explain more about your particular diagnosis.

Lacrimal Probing and Syringing

Lacrimal Probing & Syringing

This is undertaken if a suspected blockage to drainage of tears is suspected. The test checks to see whether there is obstruction to tears being able to drain away. The eye is numbed and a cannula is used to syringe saline through the tear drainage ducts. Should a potential blockage be found, onward referral for further treatment is discussed and arranged as necessary.

Dry Eye Treatment

Our treatment options for for Dry Eye Disease include:

  • Over the Counter Products (e.g. eye lubricants)

    We'll guide you through the various options with recommendations for your particular eyes

  • Prescription Drops

    If your eyes are severely inflamed you may need some prescription only medication. We can issue a private prescription

  • Punctum Plugs

    These are small collagen or silicone inserts placed into the small openings of the eye lids where tears drain into. Blocking these drainage holes conserves your own natural tears and any artificial tears. The procedure is quick and painless.

Punctum Plugs

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