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Hycosan Shield

Hycosan Shield £19.95


Hylo-Care £15.95

VisuXL Eye Drops

VisuXL Eye Drops £14.99


Hylo-Forte £14.95


VisuXL UD £14.95

Optase Eye Spray

Optase Eye Spray £14.50

Thealoz Duo  Eye Drops

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops £13.95

Thealoz Eye Drops

Thealoz Eye Drops £13.95


Hylo-Tear £13.75

Hycosan Dual

Hycosan Dual £13.50

VisuXL Gel

VisuXL Gel £13.45

Viscotears Unit Dose

Viscotears Unit Dose £12.99

Thealoz Duo Gel

Thealoz Duo Gel £12.00

Thealoz Duo Unit Dose

Thealoz Duo Unit Dose £12.00

PF Drops Carmellose 1%

PF Drops Carmellose 1% £11.99

Vismed Gel Single Dose

Vismed Gel Single Dose £11.95

Xailin HA Eye Drops

Xailin HA Eye Drops £11.95

PF Drops Hypromellose 0.3%

PF Drops Hypromellose 0.3% £10.99

Hycosan Extra

Hycosan Extra £10.95

Hycosan Plus

Hycosan Plus £10.75

Hydromoor by Moorfields

Hydromoor by Moorfields £10.75

Vismed Eye Drops

Vismed Eye Drops £10.50

Clinitas Soothe Multi

Clinitas Soothe Multi £9.95

Hycosan Original

Hycosan Original £9.95

Ote Natural Eye Drops

Ote Natural Eye Drops £9.95

Celluvisc 0.5%

Celluvisc 0.5% £9.50

Hycosan Fresh

Hycosan Fresh £9.25

Clinitas Soothe Multi 0.2%

Clinitas Soothe Multi 0.2% £8.50

Lacrifresh Aloe

Lacrifresh Aloe £8.50

Oxyal Lubricating Eye Drops

Oxyal Lubricating Eye Drops £8.50

Artelac Rebalance

Artelac Rebalance £7.95

Hyabak Drops-Sale- Short Expiry

Hyabak Drops-Sale- Short Expiry £11.75   £7.95

Hyabak Drops-Short Expiry

Hyabak Drops-Short Expiry


£11.75   £7.95

Viscotears Liquid Gel

Viscotears Liquid Gel £7.50

Xailin Hydrate Eye Drops

Xailin Hydrate Eye Drops £7.45

Celluvisc 1.0%

Celluvisc 1.0% £7.00

Artelac Night Time Gel

Artelac Night Time Gel £6.65

Clinitas Soothe Vials

Clinitas Soothe Vials £6.50

Xailin Fresh Eye Drops

Xailin Fresh Eye Drops £6.50

Hycosan Night

Hycosan Night £6.00

HydraMed Night

HydraMed Night £6.00

HydraMed Night Sensitive

HydraMed Night Sensitive £6.00


Hylo-Night £6.00

Ote Vitamin Eye Drops

Ote Vitamin Eye Drops £6.00

VitA-Pos Dry Eye Ointment

VitA-Pos Dry Eye Ointment £6.00

Xailin Gel

Xailin Gel £5.95

Gel Tears

Gel Tears £4.95

Xailin Night

Xailin Night £4.45

Clinitas Hydrate

Clinitas Hydrate £4.25


Page 1 of 1:    59 Items
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