Thealoz Eye Drops

Thealoz Eye Drops
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Brand:  Blepha | Spectrum Thea


Natural Moisturising Eye Drops

Thealoz contains trehalose - a naturally occurring sugar found in plants and some mammals. In plants and mammals trehalose helps to prevent damage to cells by:

  • improving cell water management
  • avoiding cell membrane lipid oxidation and protein denaturation
  • preserving epithelial cell life in dry conditions.

Thealoz® drops help dry eyes by by protecting the cells on the corneal and conjunctival cells on the surface of the eyes.

Help resist dry, gritty feeling eyes.

Helps watery eyes become drier by keeping the surface moist and hence reducing the signals that trigger excess tear production.

Expiry Date Nov 2020
Pack Size 10ml bottle
Preservative Free Yes
Suitable for Contact Lens Wearers Yes
Active Ingredients trehalose 3%

* The trehalose used in Thealoz is commercially produced and is not from animal sources, so these drops are suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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