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Brand:  Hylo | Scope
OK with Contact Lenses:  Yes
Preservative Free:  Yes

Hycosan PlusHycosan Plus


for Severe Dry Eyes

Specifically formulated to aid corneal healing.

Especially indicated after eye surgery or in severe dry eye.

Contains 0.1% Hyaluronic Acid and 2% Dexpanthenol (a vitamin B5 derivative).

Dexpanthenol helps wound healing

  • Preservative Free
  • Suitable with all contact lenses
  • Airless Bottle gives a long shelf life: stays fresh for 6 months from first opening
  • Unique clicker bottle: No need to squeeze

Delivered via the patented Comod (Continuous Mono Dose) system: keeps the contents sterile for 6 months from first opening and delivers a single equal sized drop (30µl) with each click. For a 7.5ml bottle this equates to a minimum 225 drops per bottle.

HyloCare is exactly the same formulation as HycoSan Plus and is by the same manufacturer. Only the packaging is different.

Instructions for use:

  1. Hold bottle upside down
  2. Pull down lower lid.
  3. Aim nozzle inside bottom lid and click on button to release 1 drop
Expiry Date Dec 2019
Size 7.5ml. 225 drops per bottle. Used 3 times daily in both eyes, this is a 5+ week supply.
Preservative Free Yes
Ingredients Sodium hyaluronate 0.1% , 2% dexepanthenol

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