Menicon Progent SP Intensive Contact Lens Cleaner

Menicon Progent SP Intensive Contact Lens Cleaner
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Menicare Plus 250mlMenicare Plus 250ml
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Menicon Progent SP Intensive Contact Lens Cleaner

Removes Protein


Intensively Cleans

Prolongs the life of Contact Lenses

Keeps lenses comfortable

Strong & rapid disinfection against bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses, Ancanthamoeba trophozoites & cysts


Soak weekly in Menicon Progent for 30mins

Use in conjunction with Menicare Plus


*Rinse off all Menicon Progent and then soak in Menicare Plus before re-inserting*


Expiry Date November 2020
Pack Size 5 Doses
Preservative Free No
Lens Type Suitability Hard, Gas Permeable
Ingredients Solution A: NaCIO 20.30mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose Solution B: KBr 30.75mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose



Menicon Progent: Instructions For Use:

Place contact lenses into Progent Vial case
Fill the Vials with Solution A 
Add Solution B to the Vials
Put caps on the vials and shake gently to mix the solution for approx 15-30 secs
Leave to soak for 30 mins 
Remove lenses after 30 mins and rinse thoroughly with saline or Menicare Plus
Soak lenses in Menicare Plus 
Discard all used solutions and rinse vials

Ampule A:  contains sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and purified water

Ampule B: contains potassium bromide, sodium carbonate and purified water


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